Press Clipping
These Eight Music Startups Will Reveal Themselves To The World Today In Nashville

Later today in Nashville, the founders of eight startups will share what their companies are all about in front of some of the most connected and important people in both the local community and the global music industry. This marks the end of their time in the Project Music accelerator program, which is now closing its second year. The organization, which is part of Nashville’s revered Entrepreneur Center, looks to foster some of the most exciting companies just getting started that could change the music industry for the better, giving them funding, a workspace, mentorship, and the connections to build a valuable brand long after the several month-long curriculum has concluded.

There won’t be any “winner” named today, but it is highly likely that some of these startups will find funding and investment, and from here on there’s no telling what they could become.

Here’s a rundown on the eight companies presenting today and what they are all about.